Subject: Trainer's Report
Date:    Tue, August 12, 2008 9:15 am

Dear Sirs,

Here is an update from Drew Zink's Camp at Turon, KS....

Turon, KS.

A group of Northeast Kansas trialers headed out to Andon Kennels on the high plains of West Central Kansas the first week of August. Ralph Short planned the trip for L.G. Barnard, Shannon Shields and myself weeks before and unfortunately it coincided with the hottest weather of the summer. We still accomplished much as Drew Zink and Donna Stueve had everything running smoothly.
We were saddled each day before sun-up and waited on the line for enough light to turn them loose into the dawn. Three or four braces could usually be run before the heat took over and evaporated the dew. We also made great progress check-cording young dogs on birds towards evening.
Drew has a spectacular place to train with miles of CRP, pasture and crop field edges surrounding the Andon camp so you simply ride out any direction to begin your work. He had been busy with food plots in the CRP, mowing, maintaining water guzzlers for wildlife as well as a new effort with quail surrogators to release young birds. Game contacts with pheasants of every age, quail and even some chickens occurred from the get go.
On the first morning, I was off my horse to flush pheasants for a first year shooting dog twice within a hundred yards of breakaway. It certainly looks like an excellent bird crop in Kansas this year.
Greg Morgan who has a first year shooting dog prospect with Drew was in camp to watch his "Bud" dog run. Bud, a flashy setter male looks like a good one for the Morgan's. Greg also brought along other young prospects to evaluate in the prairie conditions. Donna had meals well tended and was very patient with the many variations of a dog camp schedule.
Food was just great as we ate from Donna's well tended garden along with grilled meats most evenings. Ralph Short did a little electrical work while we were there wiring lights for the recently completed kennel building at Andon. Despite the heat, it was as usual, great to be with good friends in fabulous country watching our hopes run to the front. Good luck to all this fall!

Doug Meyer